PUREBLACK will work with you to organise the proposal of his or her dreams, honeymoon or romantic weekend getaway.

Nothing amplifies romance like travel. Let the experts at PUREBLACK take the stress out of your global proposal at a destination as unique as the two of you. Truly wow your future fiancé with a seamless luxury escape and leave the organisation and imagination in our hands.


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PUREBLACK is a luxury travel and lifestyle management company delivering unbeatable bespoke experiences for both the private traveller and corporate market.

We understand what makes our clients tick bringing their dreams to reality in a way only PUREBLACK can.

We exceed expectations by providing a seamless 360-degree solution however big or small your needs are.

Through our unparalleled network and highly experienced team we look forward to giving you a one of a kind PUREBLACK experience.

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